All FAQs > Can I check which Bamboo loans I qualify for without impacting my credit rating?

Yes, we provide personalised quotes with no impact on your credit file. Our free quote tells you which loan we could offer you, subject to further checks.

Normally, when you apply for a personal loan, that application will be recorded on your credit file, whether the application was successful or not. With Bamboo’s free quote service, you can check how likely you are to be approved for a Bamboo loan, without damaging your credit report. We’ll just do a soft search to present you with your loan quote.

Our ‘instant quote’ tool allows you to view your personalised interest rate and repayment details before you apply. If you choose to apply, additional checks may be carried out and this may affect our decision.

You will see your best rate in under two minutes and to get your instant quote you just need to:

  1. Choose how much you would like to borrow

  2. Choose a loan term

  3. Provide your basic information such as full name, date of birth, email and residential address

  4. Create a password to log in to your Bamboo account later

  5. And click on ‘Find my loan’ to get your instant quote