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Frequently asked questions

Open Banking is a secure method for sharing your financial data from your bank accounts.

This could include information like your balance, income, outgoings, overdraft, etc. Find out more on our Open Banking page.

During the application process, our underwriting team may request some documentation. The documents required are unique to each application and on occasion, may include a document that is not listed below. ​​

Find out more on the type of documents you might be asked for.

Please refer to our guide here on what document formats we accept.

If you have been asked to upload documents as part of your online loan application, you will need to use our online tool to complete the process rather than emailing the documents to us.

If you need any further assistance on this, you can use our handy WebChat service to speak to one of our customer service agents. Alternatively, you can call them on 0330 159 6013 or send them an email at

Time scales can vary when reviewing documents. We will do our best to have an update for you as quickly as possible – if we’re able to make a decision it will come to you via email, otherwise, an agent will be in touch once the review has been completed and if anything further is required before making a decision.

If you have submitted all documents required, our Underwriting team will be reviewing this.

As soon as they’ve completed their checks, you will receive an email. If all checks have been successful, the email will contain a link to an e-contract to review and sign. If for some reason, you do not pass the checks, you will receive an email letting you know that your application has been declined. Please note, in some cases, we may require additional documentation than what is listed on your Bamboo account.