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Loans for people with bad credit

Why could a Bamboo loan be an option for you? Plus, see how much you could borrow.

Perhaps you’ve approached the bank but they weren’t willing to lend to you, at least while your credit score is low.

We offer a range of loans for people with bad credit history.

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“I have very bad credit and was in desperate need. Bamboo made it easy and the process of getting a guarantor and being accepted was very simple. Would highly recommend to anyone with bad credit!” – Rachel

“Second loan and so easy and quick, the second time round I didn’t even need a guarantor as I had never missed a payment. Also a much better APR. I would definitely recommend for someone with bad credit.” – D Minns

“Wow… an amazing and fast service from start to finish. Helped me out of a tight spot without the pain of endless forms and hours of waiting. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Bad credit accepted and guarantor doesn’t have to be a homeowner. Thank you Bamboo, from one very happy customer.” – Mrs Jaslyn Foxton

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The rate you are offered will depend on your personal circumstances.
A guarantor may be required.

Monthly repayments £{{approximate_monthly_payment().formatMoney(2, '.', ',')}} Interest £{{interest_and_fees().formatMoney(2, '.', ',')}} Total to repay £{{total_repayable().formatMoney(2, '.', ',')}} Representative {{static_data.representative_example_apr}}% APR
Representative Example
On an assumed loan amount of £{{static_data.representative_example_amount}} over {{static_data.representative_example_months}} months. Rate of interest {{static_data.representative_example_nominal_rate}}% per annum (fixed). Representative {{static_data.representative_example_apr}}% APR. Total amount payable £{{static_data.representative_example_total_to_repay}} of which £{{static_data.representative_example_interest_amount}} is interest. {{static_data.representative_example_months - 1}} monthly repayments of £{{static_data.representative_example_regular_repayment_amount}} and a final payment of £{{static_data.representative_example_final_repayment_amount}}
Rates from 26.9% APR to a maximum of 89.9% APR. Loan terms from 12 to 60 months.