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How do you ask someone to be a guarantor?

In our experience, the best way to approach a potential guarantor is by explaining you are not able to obtain the finance you require without the help of a guarantor.

It starts with a simple statement: I need a little help. You can then follow up with the following messages:
check You don’t have a credit score that qualifies for an unsecured loan and you don’t want to take a 1,000% loan
check The vast majority of customers don’t need their guarantor to make a payment
check The online process is simple: they just need to fill out the application, which Bamboo will send to them via email
check A guarantor loan may help you build your credit profile
check If your guarantor fills out the loan application and it’s approved – Bamboo can fund your loan on the same day

Remember, a suitable guarantor includes someone who regularly pays their bills on time, has a regular income and can afford to make the loan repayments if the borrower cannot.