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Privacy Notice

Thank you for agreeing to help Bamboo Limited (‘’Bamboo’’) test a new website and on-line customer journey (the ‘’Testing Process’’). Bamboo will be working on the Testing Process with another company, Dock9 Ltd, whose address is: 65 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 2AD (‘’Dock9’’). This privacy notice is being given to you in connection with data protection law.

As part of the Testing Process, Bamboo and Dock9 will collect, record and process personal information provided by you. That personal information may include your name, email address, contact details, age, date of birth, occupation and gender. It will also include recordings of your voice and video recordings of you taking part in the Testing Process. By sending Bamboo a confirmatory email attaching this Privacy Notice, you consent to Bamboo and Dock9 collecting, recording and processing that personal information (including by sharing it with Bamboo’s and Dock9’s workers, officers, advisers and agents). The reason your personal information will be collected, recorded and processed is to help set up and run the Testing Process and to allow Bamboo and Dock9 to contact you in relation to that. Your consent is Bamboo’s lawful basis for processing.

Bamboo will keep your personal information (and continue to process and share it, as described above) for so long as necessary to run and evaluate the Testing Process. Bamboo will keep your personal information secure by using appropriate safeguards and will comply with English data protection law when processing your personal information.

You have the right to ask Bamboo for access to any of the personal information we hold regarding you. You can also request correction of that personal information or ask us to transfer your personal information to another organisation. If you think that we are not processing your personal information in compliance with law, you can complain to Bamboo or raise a complaint with The Information Commissioner’s Office (their contact number is: 0303 1231113). You have the right to restrict the way we process your personal information in certain circumstances.

You may withdraw the consent referred to above at any time or ask Bamboo to erase personal information held by Bamboo. Please note that Bamboo cannot always delete all personal information from back-up or linked systems, although we will anonymise data if deletion is impossible.

If you have any queries about how Bamboo processes personal information, or wish to withdraw your consent, please contact Bamboo by calling us on: 0330 0450499 (please ask for the compliance team) or email us on:

This privacy notice is issued by Bamboo on 7th June 2021.

Note: Bamboo Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number: 720565. Bamboo’s registered address is:1st floor, Grenville House, Nelson Gate, Southampton, SO15 1GX.