The UKs Fraud Prevention Service Bamboo

Get Rich Quick Scams

We are increasingly concerned to hear of scammers approaching customers through social media platforms offering investment opportunities, ‘get rich quick’ schemes, often involving cryptocurrency as mentioned under the Cryptocurrency section. Customers are encouraged to apply for a loan as part of the ‘scheme’ with a promise to receive a profit. It is important to know that Bamboo have no links to any investment or cryptocurrency companies.

If you take out a loan with Bamboo, you will solely be responsible to repay the loan. 

On other occasions customers are approached on social media to ‘help improve their credit score’, this again is a scam. Nobody should ever take out a loan agreement to specifically just help their credit score. In both these scenarios, the scammers sometimes encourage the customer to open an account through a price comparison website and allow them access or persuade the customer to provide their login details for an existing comparison website. These details should never be given to any individual. 

For more information on Get Rich Quick scams, please follow this link.