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Covid-19 is affecting both our customers and employees, so we appreciate your patience and request you only call us if your enquiry is urgent, so that we can help those who need us most. Further coronavirus guidance can be found here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Financial Help and Advice

With Covid-19, as always, we want to support you, so here is some information that might help:

Existing customers

Our great team are operational but on a much reduced scale. Like all businesses, we have a mixture of staff able to work, but also an increasing number who cannot. The health and wellbeing of our staff and your needs are our key priorities. We want to help you, and we will ensure we have as many staff available at all times as we can but it will take longer than usual to pick up calls or get back to you. The good news is that our website is fully operational where you can access your account to make payments, change your password or update your payment card.

We understand that during this time the length of our call waiting times may be frustrating, so we would encourage you to email us if you can. We have a team dedicated to email, and we will work through the emails in date order as quickly as possible. But please be patient, as we are very busy.

Worried about your next payment?

If you have concerns about the impact of Coronavirus on your Bamboo Loan, it is important that you do get in touch. The easiest way is to email us.

It would really help if you could provide all of your personal details, including your name and loan agreement number (starting with the “GC”), and the best telephone contact number. Every customer is unique, so do also provide as much detail about your personal circumstances. For example:

  • What has happened that is impacting your financial situation?
  • Are you having to isolate yourself, and for how long?
  • Are you off work because you are sick?
  • Will you still be getting paid?
  • Could moving your payment date help?
  • Could you afford to make a partial payment?

 We will then review this information and look to set up a solution tailored to you. We will also make contact if we need to discuss your situation or need some more information. We would like to discuss every case individually, but this will depend on staffing numbers. If we cannot speak to you, we will email a response back.

What options are available?

In many cases, our customers want reassurance that if they need support Bamboo will have options available to them. For those customers who already have financial concerns, we have several options. A number of customers are looking to agree a reduced payment or a payment holiday for a number of months. Both of these options would remove some financial strain. At the end of the agreed period, we would work with you to make up any missed payments, or in the case of a payment holiday, increase the term of the loan by the months of the payment holiday. But it is important that we keep in contact and once you are back in work, that we continue to work together, especially if you have agreed on a reduced payment. For our Guarantor Loan customers, we have similar options available. The main difference is that we need to keep your guarantor informed to ensure they are aware of any actions we have agreed, especially if we have extended the length of the loan.

 Whichever option is right for you, we will do all we can to make the process as stress-free as possible and we’ll always let you know what is happening so you can feel in control.

Coronavirus Scams

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of scams and frauds being reported. Check out our guide on how to spot and avoid online scams.

Ask Boo

Should you have a query outside of the given opening hours then our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page may provide more immediate answers to our most common queries.

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