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Rise in cost of living

How we can support you

Cost of living: we are here to help

Are you concerned about the rise in the cost of living? We are here to help if you are worried about missing a payment or have missed your loan repayment.

Having early conversations with us regarding any financial difficulties you might be facing, is the best step you can take. We have a range of support options that can be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Tips on managing the rising cost of living

  • Track your spending, manage your money, and set a budget
  • Adopting simple energy-saving tips in the house can help you save money on your energy bill
  • Speak with your energy supplier if you are struggling to pay your energy bills
  • Check if you’re getting all the benefits you’re entitled to
  • Save money on mobile, broadband, television, and streaming services by comparing different provider packages
  • Shop around for better deals on insurance and review every year
  • If you are struggling to pay your debt, get free debt advice from charities like Step Change.
  • Check if you can get help towards your child’s school uniform costs

Payment difficulties

If you are having any payment difficulties, please click here for help.

All other enquiries can be sent to


What additional help and support can I get?

You can find more information on what help and support you can get if you are facing payment difficulties here.