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What documents will I need to complete my loan application?

During the application process, our underwriting team may request some of the following documents. Please note, the documents we require may vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Open banking

You might be asked to share your banking data using open banking, a quick and secure way for sharing your financial data. In some cases, this might be a mandatory step to complete your loan application. Refer to our webpage on Open Banking for more details. 

Identity documents

Passport (and residency permit if applicable)

National ID card

Driving licence (photo ID only)

Residency permit

Address documents

Bank statement

Utility bill/phone bill

Council tax letter

Store card bill

HMRC letter

Benefits/tax credit letter

Pension letter

Income and finance documents

Bank statement (Branch/Posted or PDF)

Cheque/paying in book

Open Banking report through our Open Banking provider

Up to 3 months consecutive bank statements dated within the last 4 months

2 payslips

Benefits/tax credit letter

As part of our commitment to being a responsible lender, we look at a wide range of criteria when making a decision to lend. And thus, in some circumstances, we may require some additional documentation.

More on which document formats are acceptable.